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Get the maximum benefits with DD perks – A Rewarding Program.

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Dunkin' perks as rewards program

Do you love to visit Dunkin’ every week? Then why pay more for any snack or beverage when you have DD perks? These perks are full of fantastic offers and rewards on all your favorite foods and drinks. You will also get gift cards from Dunkin’ Restaurant to give to your loved ones on special days.

Before getting rewards for purchasing items at Dunkin’ Donuts, participate in the customer voice survey at the website.

Want to know more about DD perks? Then, please read this blog to get the full details of DD perks and how they are beneficial for the members of Dunkin’.

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About DD Perks Program Offered By Dunkin’

Dunkin’ restaurant keeps on introducing various rewards to make its customers happy. It offers DD perks for regular customers. These perks give complimentary beverages to the customers and let them earn points for every dollar spent on food or drink.

These perks include rewards, bonus points, and gift cards for food and beverages. Moreover, DD perks members will get a coupon for a free drink on their birthday.

DD perks as Dunkin’ rewards

Dunkin’ restaurant has now changed its program from DD perks to Dunkin’ rewards. Let us have a look at the few changes made by the restaurant in a new reward program:

  • By spending $1 on the purchase of food and drink, the members will get 10 points which was 5 points in the old program.
  • Members can redeem rewards after earning 150 points instead of 200 points in the old program.
  • Members visiting 12 times in one month will get more points and other benefits for three months.
  • Members will require 700 points to get beverages such as cold brew with cold foam, free cold brew, hot or iced espresso drink, or Dunkin’ refresher drink.
  • Members will need 900 points to get a free iced signature latte or a frozen drink.
  • The new reward program will offer customers a better user experience.

How do you order food with an on-the-go ordering option with the Reward program?

Now, you can enjoy a sip of hot coffee right after waking up from the bed. The option of on-the-go ordering is the best option for morning coffee lovers. Under this option, you can conveniently place an order of coffee before 24 hours. The restaurant will make your coffee available at your doorsteps as soon as you wake up. You can also enjoy a morning donut and a bagel before going to work.

The steps to order food with an on-the-go ordering option are listed as follows:

  • The first step is to go to the Dunkin’ mobile app and click on order.
  • Then click on the pay on the way option
  • You will further get options like pick up and line in which you must skip
  • You can save all your favorite foods, beverages, and other food items to add them to the cart quickly.
  • Finally, the order will be sent to your home address.

Some other benefits of the DD reward program

You can get a lot of other benefits under this DD reward program, such as:

  • Members can customize their coffee menu with different flavors such as raspberry, toasted almond, French vanilla, hazelnut, and Caramel. They can also ask for more whipped cream in a coffee latte by clicking on the app.
  • You will get a free and virtual Dunkin’ Donuts gift card through email or text message.
  • This program offers many promotions and discounts on the products.

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