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Dunkin’ Mobile App – Everything You Should Know

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Dunkin' app guide for ordering food and getting discounts

Dunkin’ restaurant maintains an app to help customers order food. This app includes a simple user interface and exciting features. Ordering food is fun with the Dunkin’ app, and it comes with various options for placing orders.

This mobile app includes various pickup options such as drive-thru, curbside pickup option, and walk-in pickup. The options may differ from location to location. Let us discuss the mobile app in detail with features, rewards, and benefits.

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Rich features of Dunkin’s app

The Dunkin’ app contains various features such as simple navigation, easy user interface, multiple delivery options, and different payment options. The different features of the Dunkin’ app are listed as under:

App features
  • You can place the order food speedily and easily
  • It reduces the hassle of standing in the queue while ordering the food
  • It includes various options for pickup, like walk-in, curbside, and drive-thru.
  • This app provides simple customization options for ordering food and drinks
  • This app offers gift cards to friends and family members of the Dunkin’ company
  • You can receive various payment options on this, such as cash, credit or debit card, and Dunkin’ card
  • It can be used on phones, Chromebooks, tablets, and other devices

How can this app help customers get better service from the restaurant?

Dunkin’ has been among the favorite restaurants of foodies for years. It serves mouthwatering snacks and beverages prepared with different ingredients. The app maintained by Dunkin’ restaurant is for the convenience of the customers. Have a glance at the significant benefits of using Dunkin’ app in this section:

1. Don’t wait in a queue

How tiring it is to stand in line to order food! With the Dunkin’ app, it all goes simply fantastic. Dunkin’ app offers customers special pickup options such as drive-thru, walk-in pickup, and curbside pickup. However, the options may differ from store to store. Choosing these options will reduce the hassles of standing in a queue to order food.

2. Get free snacks and drinks

Dunkin’ restaurant is offering a rewards program to the customers. Under this program, you will get certain rewards like free food and beverages. If you want to earn rewards faster, get the boosted status and some other exclusive offers. Spending $1 on food will provide a reward of 10 points on purchases done in the store.

3. Gift cards for your family and friends

Is any birthday on the calendar soon? Then, send Dunkin’ gift cards to your loved ones either by email or text message. These gift cards are the best gifts you can give to your loved ones on a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

4. Get a customized order for food

The Dunkin’ app helps you to customize your order on your own. You can try more than 14,000 ways to customize the order by adding foods and drinks of your choice. What more? Dunkin’ Rewards members can easily save their favorite snacks and beverages and outlets. Moreover, the members can prepare a schedule for mobile orders for 24 hours.

Order food from the Dunkin’ app with simple steps

Do you want a tempting sandwich or tasty drink from Dunkin’ restaurant in a few minutes? Then, get it from the app of Dunkin’ with the below steps:

  • The first step is to download the Dunkin’ app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Tap on Order option or guest order option on the home screen
  • Then, you have to choose a pickup location and method
  • You must look at the whole menu and select items to add to the cart
  • Go ahead with the checkout option and place the order.
  • Finally, pick up your food and enjoy a drink!

Download: iOS | Android.

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