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Dunkin’ Menu

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Dunkin' Donuts Menu

Dunkin’ offers a delightful menu for foodies throughout the year. From flavorful beverages to classic donuts, this restaurant has designed a special menu for every customer. Although the menu of Dunkin’ differs slightly from place to place, it still offers some of its signature dishes at every location.

This blog lists the full menu of Dunkin’ restaurant with detailed information on every item.

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Full Menu of Dunkin’ Restaurant

Iced Drinks Menu

Iced MacchiatoIced Macchiato is one of the most exotic drinks Dunkin’ serves. It is mainly prepared of creamy milk and contains a layer of espresso and ice cubes to present a tempting iced drink for summertime.
Cold BrewThis is again a signature item of Dunkin’ that you must not miss. It is a rich coffee brewed smoothly for a flavor. Try this iced drink on Friday evening!
Iced AmericanoIced Americano includes a richness of espresso and is served with water for a fun time. It tastes better with a sandwich or any other Dunkin’ snack.
Iced CappuccinoA frothy drink to enjoy during the summer prepared with cream and milk.
Iced LatteIf you want to try a new drink in this horrible summer, choose Iced Latte. It is a mixture of milk, espresso, and cream to make your day cool and relaxing.
Original Blend Iced CoffeeThis is an original Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brewed with fresh ingredients. It is a natural and flavorful coffee to drink any time of the day.

Frozen Drinks Menu

Strawberry CoolattaTry this fruity frozen refreshment made of delicious strawberries and served with ice.
Vanilla Bean CoolattaDo you love vanilla-based frozen drinks for this summer? This is a unique, cool drink made from beans and some other fresh ingredients.
Frozen Matcha LatteThis is a sweet frozen drink made with tea and milk for a beautiful day.
Blue Raspberry CoolattaAre you finding a perfect drink to beat this summer? Then try this fruity refreshment made of fresh raspberries. It will pump up your energy for the day.
Frozen CoffeeThis is an original frozen coffee made with fresh beans and cream to beat this lousy summer.

Hot Drinks Menu

Hot ChocolateThis is a classic hot drink served with a donut for an ideal date. It is one of the best beverages to try in winter or a cool monsoon night.
Dunkin’ MidnightDo you want to satisfy your midnight cravings? Then try this rich chocolate drink served with a creamy touch for your midnight hunger.
Box O’ JoeThis is a unique Dunkin’ hot beverage to try with friends or siblings.
Box O’ Joe Hot ChocolateIt would help if you tried this decadent hot chocolate to make a chilly winter evening memorable for your friends and close ones.
TeaDunkin’ offers many tea flavors such as black tea, Decaf breakfast black tea, Harmony tea, Chamomile fields, Cool mint, and other flavors.
Chai LatteThis is a traditional Indian tea prepared from cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and milk. Try this authentic tea for a nice and energetic day!
Matcha LatteThis is a sweet tea made from rich and creamy milk to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.
LatteA latte is simply a warm and frothy coffee mixed with espresso and creamy milk. This drink will definitely make you feel awesome during the wintertime.
CappuccinoDunkin’ offers a delicious Cappuccino made with fresh beans, espresso, and steamed milk. It is served with a thick layer of rich foam for quick joy.
MacchiatoMacchiato is a hand-crafted hot beverage prepared by mixing creamy milk and espresso. This drink must be a part of your busy working day.
AmericanoDo you want to try something hot and tasty? Then, choose Hot Americano, which contains Dunkin’s exceptional espresso and water. This hot drink is one of Dunkin’ lovers’ favorite beverages.
Shot of EspressoShot of Espresso is a special beverage made of roasted Arabica beans and milk. It is a good start for a fine day at work.
Original BlendDrink a cup of hot coffee made of freshly ground beans to make your busy day go easy. This is a signature drink Dunkin’ has served coffee lovers for years.

Dunkin’ Refreshers and Teas

Iced Chai LatteThis is a sweet beverage made with milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.
LemonadeThis is a classic sweet beverage made of fresh ingredients. It is a refreshing drink to add spice to your boring day.
Dunkin’ RefreshersYou can try a wide range of refreshers at Dunkin’ this summer. Some of the best refreshers to try include mango pineapple drink, strawberry dragonfruit drink, and kiwi watermelon refresher. These refreshers are made by combining vitamin B and green tea.
Iced TeaIf you are a tea lover and want an excellent version of the drink, try Iced Tea. It is a flavorful tea to keep you cool and energetic for the whole day at home and work.
Iced Matcha latteThis is a unique green tea made with rich milk to make your day good at work.
Dunkin’ Lemonade refreshersYou can try the various fruity flavors in these refreshers. They are prepared by mixing sweet lemonade and other flavors such as kiwi watermelon, strawberry dragon fruit, and mango pineapple.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Ham and Swiss Croissant StufferThis croissant contains ham and Swiss cheese and makes your snack time simply awesome.
Hash BrownsHash browns are special snacks offered by Dunkin’ that are crispy and seasoned with tasty spices. You can enjoy hash browns with morning sandwiches and a hot or iced coffee.
Green Goddess Egg White wrapThis wrap contains many rich ingredients such as scrambled egg whites, spinach, crumbled feta cheese, faro, tomatoes, and green goddess sauce. These ingredients are wrapped in a green layer.
Chorizo and egg Dunkin’ wrapYou can try this wrap that is made by combining ingredients such as chorizo, scrambled eggs, beans, spicy cheese sauce, and roasted veggies. These ingredients come in a wrap of red pepper lavash.
Sweet Black Pepper Bacon breakfast sandwichTry this tasty and healthy sandwich for your lunch or dinner. It includes some tasty ingredients such as white cheddar cheese, sweet black pepper seasoned bacon, and egg on a croissant.
Chicken and roasted pepper Dunkin’ wrapIf you want to enjoy a chicken delicacy at Dunkin’ restaurant, try this wrap. It is made from juicy chicken breast, cheese sauce, and roasted poblano peppers on a lavash wrap.
Sausage egg and cheeseDo you want to enjoy a healthy breakfast for a kick-ass start to the day? This breakfast contains a mixture of egg and cheese with a pinch of sausage. It is one of the best breakfast items to make you feel full for hours.
Wake-up wrap with egg and cheeseThis is a healthy wrap to start a good and positive day at school, college, or work. You can choose the ingredients to be added to the wrap. This wrap is toasted in the oven and can be taken even during lunchtime or dinner.
Wake-up wrap with sausage, egg, and cheeseYou can try this sandwich in the morning before going to work. It is a perfect combination of sausage, egg, and cheese added in a wrap.
Wake-up wrap with turkey sausage, egg and cheeseStart your Monday morning with this amazing wrap containing rich ingredients like Turkey sausage and cheese. You can also enjoy this wrap for lunch or evening dinner.
Wake-up wrap with Bacon, egg, and cheeseThis wake-up wrap is another particular breakfast item to try in the morning. It is made with nutritious ingredients like Bacon, egg, and cheese and toasted in the oven for better taste.
Grilled cheeseGrab a grilled cheese sandwich for your breakfast time. It is a kind of sandwich containing sourdough bread, American cheese, and white cheddar cheese. It is then toasted in the oven.
Bacon, egg, and cheeseTry this healthy breakfast sandwich to make your day more active. It contains a mixture of Bacon with egg and cheese and keeps you full for a long day.
Sourdough breakfast sandwichThis is a must-try sandwich at Dunkin’ in the morning or at lunchtime.
Turkey sausage, egg and cheeseThis delicious sandwich of Dunkin’ contains turkey sausage, egg, and cheese. It can be accompanied by any English muffin and coffee.
Wake-up wrap with sweet black pepper baconIf you are going to face a busy day at work, start your morning with this healthy wrap. It contains sweet black pepper seasoned bacon, egg, and white cheddar cheese combined in a tortilla.
Egg and cheeseEat this simple egg and cheese sandwich in the morning to run speedily at work or school.

Donuts and Bakery

Plain stuffed Bagel minisThese small bagels include cream cheese and are served warm.
Everything Bagel minisThese minis contain cream cheese and have a great taste. They are served warm with any cool drink.
CroissantCroissants are nutritious for your body. Dunkin’ serves the most delicious croissants, which are baked freshly in the oven. You can enjoy a croissant with hot or cold coffee.
Classic donutsYou must try Dunkin”s classic donuts during your breakfast time. This restaurant serves original donuts without adding any artificial dyes or fillers. Some of the best flavors to try in donuts are strawberry frosted, glazed, Boston Kreme, chocolate frosted, old fashioned, Jelly, and glazed chocolate cake.
Half dozen donutsEnjoy these donuts with your office colleagues or school friends. They are available in a variety of flavors such as double chocolate, glazed, strawberry frosted, chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, glazed blueberry, old fashioned, Boston Kreme, glazed chocolate cake, and Jelly.
Four muffinsThese muffins are the best snacks for breakfast. You can try a blueberry and coffee cake with fresh coffee.
MuffinsYou can enjoy these classic muffins in the morning with freshly brewed hot coffee. They are available in blueberry and coffee cake flavors.
English muffinMake your morning fresh with this delicious English muffin toasted in the oven. You can enjoy this muffin with any iced or hot coffee.
Apple FritterThis is a special fritter made with pure cinnamon and apple filling. You can enjoy it with any Dunkin’ beverage.
BagelsBagels will make your breakfast time more amazing. They are soft and come in different flavors, such as sesame seed, plain, multigrain, and cinnamon raisin.
Munchkins Donut Hole TreatsOn weekends, you can arrange a small party at Dunkin’ and serve these fantastic munchkins with your friends and family. They are prepared fresh every day with fresh ingredients. You can try the different flavors in these donuts, such as Jelly, sugar-raised, glazed, powdered sugar, glazed chocolate, and cinnamon.
Bagel with cream cheeseThese bagels are creamy and tasty and make your breakfast time more special. They are available in many flavors such as plain, cinnamon raisin, and multigrain sesame seed.
Coffee rollThis is an incredible coffee roll containing a flavor of pure cinnamon and coffee.
Dozen donutsThese donuts are delicious and make your day fantastic at home or work. They are available in a variety of flavors such as glazed chocolate cake, glazed, strawberry frosted, glazed blueberry, Jelly, chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, Boston Kreme, Vanilla Crème, old fashioned, and powdered.

Snacks and Sides

Bacon and Cheddar Omelet BitesThis snack includes cage-free eggs with Bacon and cheddar cheese and is cooked sous-vide style. It is a protein-rich snack to make your day energetic at work.
Chocolate chunk cookieThis cookie is made with amazing chunks and pieces of chocolate. It also contains savory pretzel bits and brown butter. This cookie is a caramelized delicacy that you must try once.
Egg white and veggie omelet bitesThese bites contain eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. They are cooked uniquely and contain a lot of proteins.
Sweet Black Pepper Snackin’ BaconThese strips are made of sweet black pepper bacon.
Bacon and Cheddar Omelet bitesThese omelet bites contain eggs, cheddar cheese, and Bacon and are made in a sous-vide style.

Brew at-home coffee

K-CupsDunkin’ K-cup pods are easy to use in the kitchen to prepare delicious coffee with the help of a brewing system.
Packaged coffeeYou can instantly make your favorite Dunkin’ coffee with this packaged coffee. It is available in a wide range of blends and flavors and can be given as a gift to your loved ones on several occasions.

This is the full menu that most Dunkin’ restaurants serve to their customers. However, some flavors might change according to the location. You can check the official website of Dunkin’ restaurant to get the updated menu with the list of new food items.

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